AMC720 - PrAMC based on Intel Core I (PCIe Gen2 fabric)


VadaTech Inc.
Sarah Hall
Office Manager
AMC720 SpecRev2.pdf
The AMC720 is a Processor AMC (PrAMC) in a single-width, mid-height AdvancedMCTM (AMC) form factor based on the Intel® next generation CoreTM i Processor (Gladden) with Cave Creek PCH. The module follows the AMC.1, AMC.2 and the AMC.3 specifications.
The module provides PCIe Gen2 x4 or single x8 on ports 4-11 per AMC.1, dual GbE on ports 0 and 1 per AMC.2, and SATA on ports 2 and 3 per AMC.3. It also provides dual GbE to the front.
The AMC720 has option for up to 16 GB of DDR-III memory with ECC. Further the AMC720 allows for up to 32 GB of Flash for the OS.
The AMC720 has serial over LAN with hardware Random Number Generator (RNG) as seed generator for authentication.
The BIOS allows booting from on board Flash, off board SATA, PXE boot as well as USB.
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