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Dessie O'Neal
Marketing Coordinator
The AMC502 is an AMC FPGA Carrier with dual FMC (VITA 57) interface. The AMC502 is compliant to the AMC.1, AMC.2 and/or AMC.4 specification. The unit has an on-board, reconfigurable FPGA which interfaces directly to AMC FCLKA, TCLKA-D, FMC DP0-3, and all FMC LA/HA/HB pairs. Port 3 can be routed as LVDS.

The AMC502 has an on-board crystal-referenced clock source to provide at least 125 MHz as GTX reference inputs for PCIe, SRIO and GbE. The iMX6 CPU is a quad core ARM processor at 1 GHz for power-efficient distributed processing.

The AMC502 has dual FMC connectors per VITA-57 allowing the versatility of various FMC modules to be implemented.
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