CD905-B Series


DFI Inc.

Anita Ruan
CD905-B SERIES.pdf
DFI's new Type 2 COM Express® Compact module, the CD905-B series offer the next generation Intel® Atom processors. These low power module boards pair an Intel® NM10 Express chipset with a range of Intel® Atom processors, from the power efficient Intel® Atom N2600 processor to the enhanced Intel® Atom D2700 processor.

The CD905-B series feature 1 DDR3 800/1066MHz SODIMM that supports up to 2GB system memory, 1 Gigabit LAN controller, 2 Serial ATA 2.0 ports with speed up to 3Gb/s, 8 USB 2.0 ports, 4 PCIe x1 interfaces, 4 PCI interfaces, 8-bit DIO, and a High Definition audio interface.

In addition, this new platform series includes Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology that delivers thread-level parallelism and provides a significant increase in performance for multithreaded applications.
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