Processor AdvancedMC module as complete SBC with Intel® Core i7

High performance Processor AMC

Equipped with an Intel® Core i7 Mobile processor and Intel® Hyper-Threading technology, the AM5020 can produce an amazing amount of computing power, with up to 2.53 GHz of dual-core performance to run parallel, multi-threaded applications on MicroTCA integrated platforms. The AM5020 incorporates the high-performance Intel® Core i7 processor with an integrated memory controller, PCI Express Gen2 I/O and Intel® HD graphics. Coupled with the highly integrated Intel® QM 57 platform controller hub (PCH), it has a high performance density packed into a small footprint. Using the AM5020, customers can take advantage of the reduced component count and streamlined data paths between the CPU, PCH and peripherals in a powerful, space-saving and cost-effective design.
The AM5020 is ideal for MicroTCA platforms in telecommunications applications such as IPTV, media servers and media gateways, conference systems, and TETRA switches, as well as applications in medical, automation and security. With its MicroTCA.1 faceplate design for robust system integration, it is capable of withstanding demanding mechanical environmental conditions.

- AMC Processor Module, Double Mid-size
- Intel® Core i7 up to 2.53 GHz
- Up to 8 GByte SDRAM memory (soldered) with ECC running at 1066 MHz
- Graphics interface, Onboard 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD
- Up to 32 GByte SATA NAND Flash memory module
- Comprehensive I/O capabilities
- Superb monitoring features
- PICMG AMC.0/.1/.2/.3 compliance
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