ADLINK Technology Inc.
Alex Lee
The Express-CBR is an Extreme Rugged COM Express Type 2 compatible computer-on-module designed for reliable operation in extreme temperature and high shock & vibration environments.

A compliment to ADLINK's Express-CB computer-on-module, the Express-CBR extends ADLINK's latest Intel® Core i7 processor designs into environments too extreme for commercial grade systems and modules. Focused on extending temperature ranges, the Express-CBR incorporates Intel's dual core Core i7-620UE processor at 1.0GHz and 18 watts, and the dual core Core i7-620LE at 2.0GHz and 25 watts, delivering an excellent mix of performance and extended temperature capabilities.

The Intel® Core i7 incorporates two processor cores with an integrated Graphics and Memory Hub (GMH), providing a low-power, high-performance processor, a memory controller for up to 8GB of SODIMM memory, and a graphics controller for LVDS, CRT, and PCI Express graphics (PEG) signals. Fully compatible with the COM Express standard, this rugged and high quality module contains all the component subsystems of an ATX motherboard.

Expansion for additional system functions is possible on the Express-CBR through the PCI, PCIe, and LPC expansion buses. The Express-CBR is particularly well suited to embedded and portable applications and meets the size, power consumption, temperature range, and reliability demands of embedded and portable systems in the Transportation, Military and Aerospace markets or anywhere dependable operation in the harshest environments is required.

The Express-CBR, like all Ampro by ADLINK Extreme Rugged products, utilizes an industry standard form factor and field-proven design-for-ruggedness methodologies to extend ADLINK's offerings into markets and applications not adequately served by commercial grade products and systems.
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