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ATCA Backplanes - Mesh


Elma Electronic Inc.

Justin Moll
Director of Marketing
The Elma Bustronic Mesh AdvancedTCA (ATCA) backplanes are compliant to the PICMG 3.0 Rev.1.0 specification. The experts in high-speed differential pair routing, Elma Bustronic's ATCA backplanes have been simulated and characterized by our signal integrity lab to optimize performance.
The 2-slot ATCA is a switchless 2X Replicated Mesh with point-to-point links between the slots. However, a 1X Mesh can be implemented on the 2-slot. The 5-slot and 6-slot are a 3X Replicated Mesh. However, Dual Star, 1X and 2X Meshes can all be implemented across the 5-slot backplane. The 14 and 16-slot mesh backplanes have standard 1X full mesh topologies.

- Compliant to PICMG 3.0 Rev. 1.0 specification
- Gigabyte/Terabyte per second bandwidth per shelf
- Connections to IPM Sentry shelf manager
- Controlled impedance stripline design
- Mesh Topology - (dual star and 1X, 2X, 3X Mesh topologies are implementable)
- Pluggable shelf manager slots using MicroTCA.0 connectors
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