The Kontron COMe-cTH6 COM module complies with the Rev. 2.0 COM Express® specification that provides for a compact form factor (95 x 95 mm) and new COM Express® Type 6 connector definitions. The COMe-cTH6 module design enables the development of graphics-intensive applications based on the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) R-Series Advanced Processing Unit (APU) and the AMD M3 Fusion Controller Hub (FCH) using the secure development path of an established, future-proof industry standard, the COM Express® compact form factor and pin-out Type 6.
The AMD processor on the Kontron COMe-cTH6 module has two integrated memory controllers for up to 8 GBytes (2x4GB) per channel of DDR3 memory. Support for the latest 3D graphics is provided by the integrated RadeonTM graphics controller which also provides four independent display interfaces supported with daisy chaining and a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 x 60 Hz (Display Port) or 1920 x 1200 x 60 Hz (HDMI/DVI). With seven PCI Express x1 lanes and 8 PEG lanes for flexible configurations, the COMe-cTH6 module is ideal for multi-interface designs and brings the added benefit of low power consumption. These special features make this 95 x 95 mm compact Computer-on-Module a key solution for applications such as multimedia content delivery, outdoor digital signage, infotainment kiosks, POS/POI devices, panel PCs, and professional gaming systems that require high-level graphics performance and support for the latest APIs like DirectX 11, and where low thermal power design is also an advantage.
All modules in the Kontron COM Express® family are compliant with the COM Express® standard. These modules also take advantage of the Kontron Embedded Application Programming Interface (Kontron EAPI), which is cross-platform middleware that is both form factor and operating system independent. This ensures easy interchangeability as well as design scalability and future migration paths.
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