Zone 1 Female Power Connectors


ERNI Electronics
According to PICMG 3.0 the AdvancedTCA Power Connector is qualified for use in Zone 1. The connector consists of 8 size 16 contacts along with 22 size 22 contacts. The insulation body has an integrated guiding feature. The contact terminals provide compliant pressfit zones for easy assembly to the PCB. The reliability of the pressfit technology has been proven many times in long term field experiences. The pressfit zones are flat-rock compatible, there is no need for special press-in tools. The excellent design fully avoids any risk of damaging the connector during the press-in process.
The use of high conductivity copper alloy allows high current carrying capability. The power contacts are capable of carrying 16A and each signal contact is capable of carrying 2 A. The female contacts' lead in" design combined with cavity protection prevent the contacts from being damaged.
Contacts which were plated subsequently do not have any bare ends and therefore are suitable for long term usage in critical environments. A mounting screw (customer supplied) may be used, but is not necessarily required. The connector meets all PICMG 3.0 performance requirements and is fully intermateable with alternative connectors which were designed according to the same standard.
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