TRC4009 4U Rackmount Computer


Trenton Systems, Inc.
Jim Renehan
Director of Marketing & Business Development
The TRC4009 4U rackmount computer design enables a high-degree of computing capability to be placed in the tight spaces typically found in submarines, surface ships, airborne command centers and crowded government & defense server rooms.

The shallow-depth dimension supports a variety of single and dual-processor single board computers, 14-slot backplanes options. An example of a 14-slot backplane option is the BPG7087 with 4, x16 PCIe electrical interfaces to the card slots plus six other PCIe x16 mechanical card slots connected with x4 electrical links.

The system configuration flexibility, shallow-depth and rugged design enables deployment across a number of applications that demand robust computing performance and reliability. In addition to options such as the BPG7087 14-slot PCI Express backplane, this rackmount computer supports a dual or single-processor BXT7059, JXT6966 or TSB7053 SBC, and features front access/hot swap storage drives in a shallow depth 16.25″/41.3cm enclosure.

Key features of the TRC4009 rackmount computer include:

Rugged, lightweight aluminum chassis
Built-to-order system configuration flexibility
Accommodates up to eight hot swap, front access 2.5″ HDD/SDD storage drives
System fan control option maximizes cooling efficiency while reducing noise
Features 14-slot PCI Express backplane options
Dual or single-processor SHB or SBC options feature the latest multi-core CPUs
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