OM6060 MicroTCA StarterKit


Sandra Korsinek
Portfolio Manager Business Unit Industrial
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Entry Level Platform for Prototypes and AMC Developers

The MicroTCA starter kit is based entirely on off-the-shelf MicroTCA components. For details of the components, pls. refer to the respective data sheets and manual. This MicroTCA starter kit represents an entry level system with suitable options for AMC processor modules in combination with the AMC developer's-package, and easy IPMI systems configuration through the OMVIU MicroTCA Management Software.

- Base System: OM6060 Chassis incl. 250 Watts AC Power, Multi-Purpose Backplane for 6 Mid-Size AMCs, AM4901 MCH with GbE Switch
- Intel® Architecture Option: AM4020 Core i7
- Power PC Freescale QorIQ Option: AM4120
- Packet-Processing Option: AM4211 Cavium 6-Core AMC
- AMC developer's option: MMC Starter kit incl. MMC Hardware and Software building blocks with reference implementation on AMC
- System Developer Option: OMVIU MicroTCA Configuration Management Software
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