ADLINK Technology Inc.

Elsie Chen
Product marketing
No bigger in size than a business card, the nanoX-TC is a COM Express Mini form factor Type 10 pinout compatible computer-on-module that targets battery powered, mobile and handheld system designs. The new Mini size form factor with a footprint of just 55 mm x 84 mm is the smallest size in ADLINK's COM Express product lineup, next to the Basic size (125 mm x 95 mm) and Compact size (95x95) form factors.

The nanoX-TC is based on the Intel® Atom Processor E6xx with less than 3.9 W thermal design power (TDP). These new 45nm Intel architecture processors implement ground-breaking power management techniques, making them ideal for thermally constrained and fanless embedded applications. The Processor E6xx series offers an integrated 2D/3D graphics engine with hardware encode/ decode, LVDS and SDVO output, HD Audio, PCI Express, and support for Intel® Hyper-Threading and Intel® Virtualization Technology.

The Intel® EG20T Platform Controller Hub (PCH) provides additional I/O flexibility with SATA, UART, Gigabit Ethernet and USB host/client support.

The nanoX-TC allows for innovative designs in mobile and "light" computing, including portable and mobile equipment for the automotive and test and measurement industries, visual communication and in the medical field. Using the Intel® Atom Processor E6xx and Intel® EG20T PCH chipset, the nanoX-TC allows developers to utilize a wide variety of mainstream software applications and middleware familiar to end users that will run unmodified with full functionality on this platform.
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