MicroTCA MicroSlim Backplanes


Elma Electronic Inc.

Justin Moll
Director of Marketing
The Elma Bustronic MicroSlim backplanes come in sizes for 1U and 3U high chassis. The 1U features slots for 6 AMC, 1 PM (Power Module), 1 MCH (MicroTCA Carrier Hub), 1 JSM (J-TAG Switch Module) and 2 CUs (Cooling Units). The 3U features 12 AMC, 4HDD (with SATA), 2 PM, 2 MCH, 1 JSM, 3 spare slots, and 2 CUs. Compressionmount connectors are used in the backplanes for increased reliability and superior (easier and more flexible) routing. If a connector is damaged in the field, it has two screws securing it in place that can be easily removed for replacing the connector. The 1U backplane features Star routing for most of the signals and point-to-point connections for the PCI Express signals. The backplanes have undergone signal integrity studies to optimize the performance.
The Active 1U MicroSlim Backplane is designed for low-cost MicroTCA systems with simplified power management. Instead of having IPMI management across all the FRU's, the active backplane has IPMB-0 for power and cooling unit management across the backplane. There are also direct PCIe, GbE, XAUI and SATA connections.
The active backplane features a 4-pin power connector for a pluggable PSU and a control hander. There is a 12V to 3.3V converter on the backplane. But the payload and management power is managed, not distributed. Standard MCH's can be used with the active backplane.

- Complies to MicroTCA.0 Specification Rev 1.0
- Star and Dual Star Topology options
- Optimized via signal integrity studies
- Compression-mount connectors for improved performance, reliability and field replacement capability
- Passive and active versions available
- Active version has IPMB-0 intelligence for power and cooling unit installed across the backplane
- Active version has direct PCIe, GbE, XAUI and SATA connections