2U Carrier Grade AMC Platform
The OM5080 is driven by simplicity. Keeping it simple eiminates cost drivers and provides a cost efficient and most compact design. Implementing system management in software on the carrier boards allows eliminating extra components for shelf management, MCH and Power Modules. The use of Uplink Modules provides high uplink capacities comparable only with bigger ATCA solutions, without the need for ATCA hubs or complex MCHs.
Efficient cooling is achieved by a push-pull arrangement of dual fans, which are controlled by system management. In combination with the 2U form factor it allows the use of a powerful cooling at performance levels beyond the scope of front cooled 1U or 2U servers.
The OM5080 provides an entry level solution for professional AdvancedMC technology. It facilitates software developments and developments of AMCs. In addition to the basic OM5080 system Kontron also provides a choice of qualified AMCs, and validation of customer selected AMCs in its labs.
- 2U 19" off the shelf platform for up to 8 AMCs
- Fault resilient design: no single point of failure
- Maximum space efficiency
- Management Module with system alarms and Uplink Modules on front
- Chassis includes power, fans, power distribution and switches with MCH function (1GbE or 10GbE)
- Carrier grade availability (5 nines, components hot-swappable)
- Ready for deployment: Kontron system management IPMI v1.5 compliant, SNMP and CLI for configuration included
- Customizable Design
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