LiPPERT Embedded Computers
The COM-Express CPU board Toucan is a powerful yet versatile processor kernel for
custom specific base boards. It provides all the functions of a standard PC, with the
interfaces brought out on the board's plug-in connectors. This allows easy scaling of the processing power to the application's performance requirements.
The board conforms to the COM-Express specification for SOM's (System On Module), which was created to support modern chipsets with PCIexpress interfaces. These serial interfaces allow up to 64 Gbps transmission rate.
The Toucan features an Intel® Core Duo processor with two Pentium® kernels, which
allow parallel processing of the application's task, thus giving outstanding performance. This processor is also optimized for low power requirements, making it a very good choice for embedded devices. Versions with the Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor (Merom) are available on request. The matching Mobile Intel 945GM Express chipset gives the Toucan the best functionality possible.
The built-in Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) remote management allows
handling the computer from a central station and greatly reduces the cost of ownership. Individual information can be stored in non-volatile memory, and out-of-band management allows to remotely heal systems after OS failures.
The Toucan chipset sports an integrated graphics and display controller. A PCIe x16 lane allows the usage of an external graphics controller if there are very high requirements.
Troubleshooting is made easy with supervision LEDs for power supply and life signalization on the module.
The Toucan can optionally be used in the extended temperature range of -40°C ... +85°C. Using the especially designed heat spreader and a suitable cooling concept, the module can even be passively cooled without the need for a cooling fan.
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