ADLINK Technology Inc.

Claire Chen
The aTCA-8202 is a 2U AdvancedTCA® shelf with two slots that support AdvancedTCA® blades and a dedicated slot for an aCMM-2200 Shelf Management Hub. Equipped with a dual-star topology fabric interface, the aTCA-8202 comes with a hot-swappable fan tray module (push cooling) and one 650W AC power supply.

Providing robust control, monitoring, and management of the aTCA-8202 is the aCMM-2200 Shelf Management Hub, with full system management capabilities and built-in non-manageable Layer-2 GbE switch for Base Interface connectivity. With dual-IPMB and I2C system busses, the aCMM-2200 can control all installed AdvancedTCA blades and the fan tray module, based on temperature and other built-in sensor readings.
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