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The NAMC-8569-xE1/T1 is an AMC board with a powerful Freescale Power QUICCIII MPC8569 processor providing access to multiple E1/T1 interfaces in next generation systems based on MTCA and ATCA standards. The TDM-to-I-TDM converter connects the on-board E1/T1 interfaces with a Gigabit Ethernet port for system interconnect (I-TDM).

The NAMC-8569-xE1/T1 is dedicated for (tele-)communication applications with extensive need for a high aggregation of multiple E1/T1 interfaces combined with access to switched networks based on high bandwidth Ethernet.

The NAMC-8569-8E1/T1 base board offers 8-1/T1 interfaces at the front panel and two 1GbE interfaces at the common options region of the AMC connector (ports 0/1). The optional mezzanine provides additional 8E1/T1 interfaces and expands the board to 16E1/T1, the NAMC-8569-16E1/T1.

The NAMC-8569-xE1/T1 is optimized to process standard telecom signaling protocols as well as special payload handling algorithms in next generation's systems based on the MTCA
or ATCA standards. Extensive software support makes the NAMC-8569-xE1/T1 an ideal choice for any voice/data application in ISDN, SS7, ATM, VoIP or 3G environments.

- System Processor and Memory
- Freescale Power QUICCIII MPC8569
- e500 PowerPC core
- dedicated interface hardware
- 4 RISC cores
- core frequencies of 800, 1000 or 1333 MHz
- 128-1024 MB DDR2 SDRAM and 128 MB FLASH memory

- E1/T1 Access
- onboard DS 26518 framer
- access to 8/16-E1/T1 lines
- standard framing formats
- T1 Super Frame (SF)
- T1 Extended Super Frame (ESF),
- T1 Digital Multiplexer (DM)
- T1 Switch Line Carrier -96 (SLC-96)
- E1 G.704 and G.706 (CRC-4 multiframe)
- signal attenuation of up to -36db

- TDM and I-TDM Interface
- E1/T1 framer interfaces to on-board TSI chipset
- TSI and TDM-to-ITDM bridge (in ECP3 FPGA from Lattice)
- flexible routing
- multicasting of 64kbps timeslots
- TDM-to-ITDM bridge: converts TDM oriented bit stream into Ethernet packets and vice versa
- TSI: optional 32MHz clocked H.110-alike TDM backplane interface

-Fabric Support
-Fat Pipe
- 4 bidirectional serial lanes that can be operated either as PCIe, SRIO or a combination of both.

-Base Fabric
- two 1000BaseX interfaces at port 0 and 1

-Extender Mezzanines
- NAMC-8569-16E1/T1 with 8 additional E1/T1 lines at the front panel
- NAMC-8569-DS3/E with 4 DS3/E3 interfaces accessible via four RJ45 at the front panel
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