MicroTCA 4U Portable Tower


Elma Electronic Inc.

Valerie Andrew
Strategic Marketing Architect
The first of its kind in the industry, the Type 32M MicroTCA Portable Tower features a carrying handle for easy portability. The Type 32M MicroTCA is ideal as a development chassis. Utilizing Elma's modular extrusion-based design, the chassis facilitates a wide range of configurations. It accepts up to 6 single/full size AdvancedMC's or up to 3 double modules, 1 MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH) with 1-4 tongue edge connectors and 1 power module. The divider plates can be configured to allow either single or double modules in each slot, offering a wide range of configurations.
The Type 32M features advanced EMC shielding, scratch-resistant vinyl clad aluminum covers, and power components. Cooling is achieved with 2 x 90 CFM fans. Elma has performed thermal simulations to ensure the optimal performance. MicroTCA defines a modular backplane architecture designed to support redundant "pods" of AdvancedMC modules. The AdvancedMC modules (AMC0/.1/.2/.3) are front removable mezzanine modules first designed to be used on AdvancedTCA cards. The MicroTCA architecture allows large arrays of AdvancedMC modules to be used in a wide array of applications where a lower cost solution is required than could be achieved by the standard AdvancedTCA architecture. The MicroTCA backplane allows single or redundant virtual carriers to provide power management, platform management and fabric connections to greater numbers of modules than a single physical carrier card could support in a classic ATCA application.
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