PFU Systems, Inc.
1250 E. Arques Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
United States
PFU Limited of Japan
PFU Ltd. designs, develops, manufactures, sells, and maintains computer hardware, peripheral products, and systems including software. PFU has the #1 market share in document scanners in the world and interactive kiosks in Japan.

PFU Ltd. pioneered System-On-Module (SOM) technology. Its embedded products have penetrated many markets including appliance servers, gaming, data & telecommunications, test & measurement, industrial automation, medical, defense and homeland security. PFU Ltd. entered the Japanese kiosk market in 1995 and today remains a dominant kiosk manufacturer with over 50,000 installed kiosks in Japan. PFU kiosks are extensively deployed in the hospitality, retail, education, and government markets.

PFU Systems, Inc.
PFU Systems, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of PFU Ltd. of Japan. PFU Systems focuses on developing high performance, low power, and ultra-compact System-On-Module (SOM) components, including the Plug-N-Run products for embedded computing markets. PFU Systems has expanded into the U.S. kiosk market, offering a full range of interactive kiosks. Headquartered in San Jose, California, PFU Systems, Inc. has engineering, manufacturing, and sales facilities in Plymouth, Minnesota.

PFU Systems' SOM product portfolio includes the COM Express compliant Plug-N-Run product line. This product line offers highly integrated, rugged, and ultra-compact modules based on the Intel® x86 architecture and carrier boards. The SOM products are targeted for industrial automation, gaming, data/telecommunication, test & measurement, retail, medical, and security applications. PFU Systems also markets an ultra low power single board computer that runs Windows CE without the need for a cooling fan.

PFU Systems offers a full range of MEDIASTAFF® interactive kiosks targeted toward information access in government, retail, and customer service applications. Its unique Kiosk Integration Platform provides enterprises and developers a simple approach to kiosk deployment that accelerates time to market and reduces costs.

PFU Systems' ProDeS facility offers OEMs customers full-turnkey design and manufacturing services for systems based on the company's SOM components or Kiosk systems. With ProDeS product design services we are able to further accelerate our customers' time-to-revenue, reducing design-to-manufacture cycles to a minimum.
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