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esd was founded in 1984 and has gained considerable experience and know-how in the field of industrial automation since then. Today esd is a powerful and flexible system house. As an experienced system integrator we realize customer-specific developments in hardware and software. Special requirements (e.g. rugged environment, explosion-proof) will be considered accordingly. As a competent supplier to the industry we deliver turn-key systems according to the customer´s requirements at home and abroad. esd is a leading supplier of CAN modules. This also includes interfaces to other systems such as Micro-TCA, AMC, CompactPCI®, PCI, XMC, PMC, PCI104, PLC and VME. A wide range of CAN gateways (Ethernet, PROFIBUS-DP®, PROFINET® and EtherCAT®) is available, too. As higher layer CAN protocols complete CANopen®, J1939 and ARINC 825 implementations for masters and slaves can be ordered from esd.
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